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Traveling sensibly & caring Mother Earth by Chloe
Chloe and Amber’s traveling life is inspiring for the whole world. Travelling whilst supporting pachamama. Travelling is the perfect time for many things. For seeing amazing sights, meeting wonderful people, tasting all flavors the world has to offer and funnily enough — becoming environmentally conscious. When you go travelling one of two things will happen; […]
Aware of local issues & act by Francis
I’m  Lubuulwa Francis living in a small village called Kigungu behind Entebbe international airport, Uganda. I started a charity organization here in my village Kigungu Kids Edu Care in 2018 and it was registered in 2019 as a Community Based Organization.  The mission is to help poor and orphans in Kigungu to have well education […]
Insaff foundation
Home for homeless by Insaff foundation
Insaff foundation is proactive organization in Sangali- Miraj city founded by Mustafa Bhai in 2010 who is serving homeless people, curing their diseases whom anyone hardly touches. Government has given them a space in city to keep street people and look after them. Plenty of citizens joined him in the path. We can’t categorize their […]
Child Art Care
Daniel and Sharon an artist couple in Jinja, Uganda developed this work for the exposure of children art from their own interest and skills. The concept is unique in a way that it is helping to address children’s abilities through arts but as well as building to the possibilities of skills. Children’s art is one area […]
A tale of the Rwanda genocide
Emmanuel, a child survived by a soldier through Rwanda Genocide 1994. One of the cruelest conflicts which had affected the whole country and most of the children lost almost everything
Mr. Sandeep Jadhav
The life journey of a teacher devoted to a tribal village
In 2003 Mr. Sandip Jadhav a teacher appointed in a Vetale tribal school where people used to migrate in dry days and school attendance was around 10-15. This is journey of how he and his co teacher placed the efforts to make these people believe in education. Started with small activities and books to bathing […]
Few years ago I came to Pune, while walking a hill I saw plastics and waste of all types. It was a dumping yard. People were misusing the forest as a shortcut to cross another side. Once I met Mr. Umesh Khera who used to come here to water small herbs and shrubs. I was […]
Bombay Mothers and Children Welfare Society (BMCWS)
BMCWS is a public charitable trust established in 1919 in Mumbai. The organization working in urban (Mumbai) and rural (Rajgurunagar) sides for health and education. They run Day Care Centers and Hospitals in Mumbai, Rajgurunagar and Bhalawadi. They have special cancer treatment center which is affordable and more than 2.5k people use it every year. […]
women playing cricket
Kanhewadi Bk Premier League (KPL)
Unity is important for the villages.. The platform is the concept of uniting the people of Kanhewadi Bk village. Few friends thought the only thing can change the village is unity. It started with a Whatsapp group which they named Kanhewadi Bk United and so far this group have helped generating so many funds for […]