women playing cricket

Kanhewadi Bk Premier League (KPL)

Unity is important for the villages..

The platform is the concept of uniting the people of Kanhewadi Bk village. Few friends thought the only thing can change the village is unity.

It started with a Whatsapp group which they named Kanhewadi Bk United and so far this group have helped generating so many funds for different causes in village.

In year 2015 the youth celebrated Shivotsav. They believed sport brings people together and it worked well, in 2016 girls and women played cricket match which was possibly India’s First Rural Women Cricket Match.

women running
women running

New ideas kept coming and KPL grown as the heart of village. They later arranged Independence Day Rural Run was also been the first ever attempt to do such event in Indian villages. KPL keep doing plantations and conservation with the help of people and Panchayat. They did cleaning campaigns made people aware of hygiene, helping kids, tribal people, water conservation and giving hands for every work. Gram Panchayat did vital work by building their major roads, gyms and schools.

women playing cricket
women playing cricket

KPL unity reached to different organizations. BMCWS (Bombay Mother and Child Welfare Society) they created India’s first complete solar tribal village without government aid and also collected funds to make all three schools of the Kanhewadi Bk digitalized. KPL created the website and social media to connect with the world. The village got momentum. KPL is always been the favorite concept which is the application of how the entire village life has been transformed.

-KPL, The united people of Kanhewadi..

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