Few years ago I came to Pune, while walking a hill I saw plastics and waste of all types. It was a dumping yard. People were misusing the forest as a shortcut to cross another side. Once I met Mr. Umesh Khera who used to come here to water small herbs and shrubs. I was totally unfit even to carry 2 ltr of water. I had asthama, high BP and high cholesterol. But in morning I used to bring 10-35 cans daily from nearby office. Later Mr. Neerav helped me and likewise more people started to gather and contributed daily. This government forest dumping hill turned into a clean canopy with major help of 5 senior citizens. Mr and Mrs Nigam, Mr. Soni, Mr. Lateef, and his son Mustafa contributed wholeheartedly on daily basis to make Anandvan.


Now Anandvan arranging different drives and workshops for students to share information about plantation, environment care mainly consist of seed-balls making, country plants to help birds to restore life, planting & conservation techniques. Anandvan Sanctuary is the citizen movement to increase ground level of water and reduce warming, we need Anandvan everywhere.

saatheeMr. PK Anand Uncle 

Anand Van Mitr Mandal
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Address: Anandvan, Near Cloud Nine, NIBM Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411048