Bombay Mothers and Children Welfare Society (BMCWS)

BMCWS is a public charitable trust established in 1919 in Mumbai. The organization working in urban (Mumbai) and rural (Rajgurunagar) sides for health and education. They run Day Care Centers and Hospitals in Mumbai, Rajgurunagar and Bhalawadi. They have special cancer treatment center which is affordable and more than 2.5k people use it every year. The organization is more popular with their Rural Development Programme in Khed Taluka covering about 100 villages.

  • With contribution of villagers they made 280 schools digitized- helped improve education.
  • Made 250 rural schools solar powered to free them from electricity bills and power cuts. 
  • BMCWS renovated required and beautified tribal schools to grow interest in rural students.
  • Annual science exhibition, summer camps and activities for all kind of schools.
  • Computer Education on wheels for  tribal schools.
  • Started a nutrition plans for thousand of tribal students resulting improved health.
  • Water supply to 3 tribal villages. 
  • Diwali Festival gifts to thousand tribal families every year.
  • Sports Grounds in some tribal schools.
  • Conducting campaigns for Sex Education in high schools.
  • Nursing training to girls and women.
  • Free Basic computer education course (MS-CIT) to girls & lowered fees to boys.
  • Supporting Organic Agriculture and spreading information in schools.
  • Complete Tailoring Education to more than 3.5K women.
  • Special Art course like Mehandi, Rangoli, Craft and Ceramic, Jewelry Making.
  • Program to give fruit saplings to tribal families to grow their own seasonal fruits.

BMCWS provided many tribal families solar panels and made India’s first complete solar tribal village in Kanhewadi Bk without government aid.  In addition they painted every house in the same village to glow and look joyful. The organization bringing different projects for health and education with social networking and connectivity with volunteers.


Dr. Madhav Sathe, Swati Shinde
Tel- 23085794, 23096875