Aware of local issues & act by Francis

I’m  Lubuulwa Francis living in a small village called Kigungu behind Entebbe international airport, Uganda. I started a charity organization here in my village Kigungu Kids Edu Care in 2018 and it was registered in 2019 as a Community Based Organization.

 The mission is to help poor and orphans in Kigungu to have well education and good health care. I collect funds /donations to support the kids in scholastic materials and school fees for them. I teach them personal hygiene and also when they felt sick, I took responsibility to look for the support. As this organization is a community based.  I also want to welcome volunteers here to spend time with kids will help them to learn new things. Volunteer in our government schools, collaborate with local government and we try to keep village clean through carrying out communal and charitable works because most of the people in village are fishermen and the main economic activity here is fishing which leads our beaches/lake shore be dotty all the time.

Saathee-  Lubuulwa Francis