Insaff foundation

Home for homeless by Insaff foundation

Insaff foundation is proactive organization in Sangali- Miraj city founded by Mustafa Bhai in 2010 who is serving homeless people, curing their diseases whom anyone hardly touches. Government has given them a space in city to keep street people and look after them. Plenty of citizens joined him in the path. We can’t categorize their work in particular fields. Whenever any need arises across the city the team moves like emergency services.

Mustafa Ilahi Mujawar and his fellows rescue animals and leave them at safer places, provide treatments to injured animals. During the Sangali flood in 2019 this team helped with essential needs consists of regular food packets to the victims and the force. His leadership skills, how he distribute volunteers on any campaign and outsource the help is a great learning. He is simply living to ‘serve’. 

He aim to build a school for all homeless children, to provide them everything during their education and most valuable love, absence of care turned many of them to the wrong deeds. He believes, nourishment and education are the thresholds to come out of the dark flood.

saathee- Mustafa Ilahi Mujawar
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mustafa.mujawar.54