A tale of the Rwanda genocide

Emmanuel, a child survived by a soldier through Rwanda Genocide 1994. One of the cruelest conflicts which had affected the whole country and most of the children lost almost everything.  He grew up in the orphanage like thousands of other Rwandan kids. The hangover of genocide will remain for the coming few generations.

kids with the home keys

 This is about Emmanuel and his friends who left everything behind and stood up for the education and the village Kunda which is located in Gisenyi, northwest of Rwanda along with the DR Congo border gate. During the genocide, huge number of Rwandans escaped the country through many ways like this over the borders. Women saved most of the children by hiding them from killers during 1994. Women, they‘ve always remained kind and kept saving the world.  Guys like Emmanuel, his friends and youth of Rwanda are living in oneness as the citizens of Rwandans after what the country had gone through. The government has regularly put efforts in the process of strengthening the nation, the act of forgiveness for all and promoting youth to make families.  

Emmanuel and his friend with kid

Emmanuel has built a caring center for kids hereafter the Rwandan government closed all the orphanages by 2011. In 2012, he established Kunda Village Ministry and took about 200 kids needed help. Many women left their children before going to farms or works on the other side of the border. Emmanuel’s team look after all of the kids, feed and teach them. He invites and introduces travelers or volunteers from all over the world and constantly working on developing the levels. His work also consists of empowering women by selling their handmade dresses, jewels, art pieces or house stuff, etc. Emmanuel, his friends and alike all Rwandan kids survived from 1994 genocide raised together in orphanages, today they are together as a family.

Kunda stands for love

Cycling in Rwanda

Glimpse of Cultural Exchange: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e9dPng7C_E

Emmanuel Dushimirimana  
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