Traveling sensibly & caring Mother Earth by Chloe

Chloe and Amber’s traveling life is inspiring for the whole world.

Travelling whilst supporting pachamama. Travelling is the perfect time for many things. For seeing amazing sights, meeting wonderful people, tasting all flavors the world has to offer and funnily enough — becoming environmentally conscious. When you go travelling one of two things will happen; you will come upon countries whose sustainability is significantly poorer than your country — rubbish on the streets, animals eating garbage, plastic covering everything in sight OR you will come upon countries who make an enormous effort to improve their sustainability — buses powered by biofuel (go Sweden), things made of recycled material, plastic bans (go Rwanda). And as you travel around observing all these things I find it is best to be one of the people without a country implementing the best sustainability practices possible.

And so that’s what I do. Travelling Africa I had a few handy and relatively cheap items that would allow me to leave a smaller footprint (any air travel causes massive CO2 emissions from planes).
In my backpack: a steripen – uses UV light to kill bacteria and virus from any water so that in 2 years I have bought 0 plastic water bottles

A stainless steel container – if you travel a lot and economically you will take a lot of longgggg buses; my stainless steel container allows me to bring food onto the bus so I don’t have to buy things in plastic from highway shops. And I take it when I eat out so that if there are leftovers…they go into the container.
Stainless steel knife, fork, spoon and straw — single use cutlery and straws….DON’T GET ME STARTED! Just bring your own!

Plastic free water bottle — hard to find but worth it, my baby has been banged around the world for 2 years and she’s going strong!

I never buy fast fashion; the world is full of second hand clothes that are seriously awesome. I like to change up my wardrobe every few months and donate my clothes back. I do however support small business hand making clothes — I’m kinda a fashion lover and I think it is an art form to make clothes!

So yeah these are few things we do to take care of pachamama while on the road. People tend to laugh at my straw or my refusal of plastic, but if you explain it to them they end up being really impressed!


Saathee- Chloe Adriana