Mr. Sandeep Jadhav

The life journey of a teacher devoted to a tribal village

In 2003 Mr. Sandip Jadhav a teacher appointed in a Vetale tribal school where people used to migrate in dry days and school attendance was around 10-15. This is journey of how he and his co teacher placed the efforts to make these people believe in education. Started with small activities and books to bathing students he felt to aware parents about hygiene. He focused on renovation of schools, gradually he arranged more campaigns and events for the whole village which mainly content games, plantation, general classes for villagers, yoga, tailoring classes for women, anti-drugs & anti-superstitions programs, small scale business training for youth and plenty more programs resulted into effectively transformation of the entire village.

The first bus came here since the school started was when Mr. Sandip planned distance picnic. The action got reactions; later he came in contact with Bombay Mother and Child Welfare Society who helped his school to install solar kits, computer and E-learning sets and made school digitalized.  Self spirit of students started night schooling and parents interest were developed in the education here. Various officials and honorable people visited the school including Indian cricket team’s physio Dr. Anant Joshi, actress Smita Talwalkar and guest from many countries. Symbiosis International University and Sofia International Women University and some other institutes visited the school to witness the life here. Everyone come here surely wonders about the growth. Mid-Day News, Indian Express and several others reported about the school progress.

Mr. Sandip also coordinated to resolve water issues here and people started coming back in the village. They contributed in everything and always been standing with him in the whole process. He was selected among the 16 teachers panel of Maharashtra State went to New Delhi for the cultural training program.  Art Gallery Kshetr-5 did a exhibition in Pune’s Balgandharv Rangmandir which is possibly the first tribal primary school showcased in the state. He feels proud about his people and students and guide other schools now.  He beautified school and the lives here and never stopped, he come to school with every new creative day. He completely supports some children till their education lasts. After 15 years he got transferred to another school but still he holds his old ship, the bond is for the lifetime he believes. He helped a kid to undergo a face surgery and brought smile back on his face and so to the Thakarvadi of Vetale..

This is for all the teachers in the world for their beyond efforts for the children and education. Thank You.

saathee- Mr. Sandip Jadhav
Vetale Thakarwadi
+91 99223 26259


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